onsdag 24 augusti 2016

Lots of loot! Part one: The Dice Bag Lady delivers!

At the beginning of the summer Koen put in an order from the Dice Bag Lady for some of her female soviet figures, and I joined in to save postage. Because of reasons (life, the universe and everything) we didn't manage a hand-over until just recently. 

Anyway, not wanting to start a full-blown Soviet force, I bought a pack of tank riders and a sniper team. Since I have an Italeri Sherman that is the wrong version for my brits I'm thinking of painting it up as soviet and making a diorama out of it.

DiceBagLady soviet female tank riders.

Kneeling Sniper team.

onsdag 10 augusti 2016

Da kunnin' plan

Evening all. I'm a long time Ork player but my mojo hasn't really been in it for a while. Mainly it's because I find the recent codexes a bit bland to say the least. I really miss the different clans so I try to paint and model my units as belonging to different clans. One thing that irks me the most is that Blood Axes can't take imperial vehicles anymore (since they don't really exist now) -- and here I'm the proud owner of two lovingly converted Leman Russes I can't use.

But I have a cunning plan. I will ally in a contingent of Imperial Guard. Using Kromlech Greatcoat orks as the guard. However they are even bigger than GW orks so it will be hard to use the "counts as" rule to represent puny 'oomies. But then Kromlech released gretchin or goblins in the same style and my friend and tank afficinado compatriot Anders pointed me to the obvious solution.
During the weekend they had a 15% off promotion and I couldn't resist anymore. So when life gives you lemons, order more figures.
I ordered a squad of grots, here's the first half. The leader's Mauser has a broken barrel, but it was still in the bag.

Characterful and lovely little models. The sentry (top middle) and radio operator (right bottom) will be replaced... these guys! A panzerschreck team, since an IG squad can have both a special and a heavy weapon.
An eye-level view of three of the figures. The panzerfaust counts as a grenade launcher, of course.

måndag 25 juli 2016

Battle of Britain on Kickstarter

Hi gang, just a quick one, I'm supposed to be on vacation.

PSC Games is doing a kickstarter campaign for a re-release of Richard Borg's classic Battle of Britain boardgame. With updated rules and new funky plastic planes in 1/300 scale this looks like a winner.

Box mock-up

Spitfire model render
Heinkel 111 render
The campaign is already funded and we are currently hunting a lot of stretch goals. There is also the opportunity of buying extra planes as add-ons to use in Bag the Hun or similar dogfight games.

In case you are not interested in funding the kickstarter but think it's a nice idea, please go to Boardgame Geek and become a fan of the game (by clicking on the little heart icon) -- one of the stretch goals is bound to the number of fans on Boardgame Geek, and we are ever so close now. 

Pretty please with sugar on top?

Wayland games